Awesome Friends (Day 911 - 5 23 12)06:23

Awesome Friends (Day 911 - 5 23 12)

Awesome Friends (Day 911 - 5/23/12)
Date: May 23rd, 2012
Running Time: 6:23

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  • Stephen's apartment


Stephen has trouble editing because his neighbors are doing lawn care. Stephen makes some pizza with colby jack cheese and says that he ordered Mallory a new camera and a case for her phone which arrived today. Dan sends them a copy of Up because it is his favorite Pixar film and because he's just a nice guy. Stephen asks the viewers to talk about any time their friends have done something nice for them for an inexplicable reason.


  • Stephen saying "that'll do, pig" is a reference to the movie Babe.
  • The Vlog title is only a non-chronological excerpt of what Stephen said which was "...friends have done, that was just awesome."

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