Ascension (Day 999 - 8 19 12)-005:55

Ascension (Day 999 - 8 19 12)-0

Ascension (Day 999 - 8/19/12)
Date: August 19th, 2012
Running Time: 5:54

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  • Stephen and Mallory's apartment


Starting the Vlog off with leftovers from yesterday's dinner, Stephen talks about the upcoming day 1000 and the plans for that day, which will be consisting of Stephen going to the dentist, Mallory has orientation at work and they will be eating at Moe's. Stephen and Mallory later play the board game Ascension and Stephen explains the rules whilst playing. Stephen asks the viewers to recommend board games for them to play.


  • Stephen: "It's gonna be so exciting, getting my teeth cleaned and eating at Moe's. 'Cause that's what we're gonna eat, we're gonna eat at Moe's."

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