Argyling Like A Boss (Day 793 - 1 26 12)05:43

Argyling Like A Boss (Day 793 - 1 26 12)

Argyling Like A Boss (Day 793 - 1/26/12)
Date: January 26th, 2012
Running Time: 5:43

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  • Stephen's apartment


Stephen talks about how there is a rumor that the Xbox 720 will only run new games to directly support the game developers instead of running used games. Then Stephen receives two letters; one from Austin, which includes baseball cards and a cartoon, and Michael's letter which includes a magnet.


  • Stephen: "You can send something to us, we'll open it, we'll read it, we'll throw it, play with it, eat it, explode it, explode it, explode it. My grammar are good."

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