Apartments are Expensive (Day 590 - 7 7 11)00:56

Apartments are Expensive (Day 590 - 7 7 11)

Apartments are Expensive (Day 590 - 7/7/11)
Date: July 7th, 2011
Running Time: 0:55

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  • A hotel room


Stephen was too busy to do a vlog this day, so he instead does a parody of Adult Swim bumps which includes footage of him, Alex, and Taylor (filmed by Dan) in a hotel room, with Alex lying on the foot of a bed and flailing his legs around.

Stephen tells us (via the on-screen Adult Swim-style text) that he spent the day working on the recital and looking for apartments, which are expensive in the area.


  • The footage seen is an unused clip from Day 477
  • This is the first vlog day where the title is not actually said aloud.
  • There is no footage from the day itself.

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