Ants Everywhere! (Day 1667 - 6 18 14)07:52

Ants Everywhere! (Day 1667 - 6 18 14)

Ants Everywhere! (Day 1667 - 6/18/14)
Date: June 18th, 2014
Running Time: 7:52

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Mal went to a seamstress today to get her dress altered and picked up some donuts on the way back home. She and Stephen finish recording Mario Kart today! Stephen forgets to bring in the donuts from the porch, and the box gets infested with ants, so Stephen goes out once again to get some more donuts.

Later on, Stephen says that he has finished editing all of Mario Kart. The finale episode is a bit unique since it features "facecam" throughout the entire episode. Stephen asks the audience to give their thoughts on the finale and how they felt about the facecam integration.

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