America Death To It (Day 93 - 2 25 10)06:24

America Death To It (Day 93 - 2 25 10)

America: Death To It (Day 93 - 2/25/10)
February 25th, 2010
Running time: 6:24

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • Stephen's dorm

Summary Edit

Luke, Dothackfreak11, sent in a letter that asks that Alex be present when the letter is opened. Stephen holds off on opening the letter because Alex is in class. He decides to cook ramen for lunch while playing EarthBound. He later shows that he only has one pill left to take, which hopefuly will lead to him getting better.

After a nap and Alex's improving hair, Stephen opens the letter, which contains a sealed note addressed to Congress. Alex and Dan question what it could be; from a wallet to anthrax. It contained a Jigglypuff Pokémon card with the words "Death to America" written on it. Stephen thumbtacks the card to the wall while Alex decides they are going to live like the Amish by turing off the power.

Alex "plays" Stephen's keyboard and Dan plays a new game. Stephen talks about how he is going to the African village tomorrow.

Notes Edit

  • The letter from Luke (with it's message of "Death to America" and it being addressed to Congress) is a reference to Day 77, where Alex asks if "Death to America' is written on an earlier letter from Luke and if the letter is addressed to the Senate.
  • Stephen receives a very similar card on Day 855.


  • "Who just turned off all the electricity?" ~Dan, after Alex suddenly turns off the power of the dorm.
    • "Did you do tha-what the heck did you do!?" ~Stephen after finding out Alex turned off the power.
    • "Nothin'." ~Alex, in response to above quote.

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