Addicted to Laps • 3.1907:00

Addicted to Laps • 3.19.17

Addicted to Laps • 3.19.17
Date: March 19th, 2017
Running Time: 6:59

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  • Stephen and Mal's house


It's the day before Stephen's birthday, and Stephen's mom dropped off 8 donuts as an "early birthday gift". Stephen thinks this is too much and requests that Mal doesn't make him a cake for tomorrow. He then talks about how they are just about to watch Seinfeld, and that they are a little way into Season 6 at the time of this vlog.

But on to the main topic of the vlog: Kepler. He is adorable and loving and addicted to laps. This is fine and good except that Kepler cannot sit on Stephen's lap when Stephen is recording. However, it was worse than usual this time, because Kepler refused to leave him and his lap when he was getting ready to record Morning Mario. Kepler kept jumping onto his lap for like 15 minutes, to the point where Stephen had to chase after him and yell at him to get Kepler to leave him alone. Stephen then goes on to talk about how cute it is and how bad he feels about it. He also mentions that Kepler really loves his chair.

Finally, Stephen comments that he would love to do nothing on his birthday, but there's a lot of work to get done, and that it's a bad time for a birthday. He also thinks that Mal not having to make a cake is a blessing in disguise since she doesn't really have time to make a cake.


  • "You should not make a cake! Don't make the cake! If you're the cake maker, then don't make a cake! Don't you dare make a cake, we don't need a cake, we have doughnuts, there's dough cake! In fact, those are cake- that's CAKE! THAT'S CAKE! WHAT IS CAKE... except what, dough and frosting. That's a cake, right? These are just little, little cakes! can make me a cake later." - Stephen (to Mal who was going to make him a cake)
  • "...and there was a knock at the door, and it was doughnuts." - Stephen
    • "Donuts knocked!" - Mal
    • "The donuts knocked... and I answered." - Stephen


  • Stephen's birthday is on March 20th, which is the next vlog's day.
  • Mallory did end up making Stephen a cake anyway (as seen on Day 2673).

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