Addicted To This Bag • 4.3003:40

Addicted To This Bag • 4.30.17

Addicted To This Bag • 4.30.17
Date: April 30th, 2017
Running Time: 3:39

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  • Stephen's parents' house
  • Stephen and Mallory's house


Stephen's parents, Debra and Steve, are out of town for a doctor's appointment so Stephen went over to their house for a while to cat-sit Rocko. He still considers Rocko his cat even though Rocko lives with his parents.

Back at Stephen's place, Sagan is addicted to laying on one of Stephen's bags which he used to carry game consoles in.

Besides the kitty cuteness, they got a lot of work done in the day, though they had to stay up pretty late kinda unnecessarily.

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