A Few Changes (Day 1001 - 8 21 12)05:44

A Few Changes (Day 1001 - 8 21 12)

A Few Changes (Day 1001 - 8/21/12)
Date: August 21st, 2012
Running Time: 5:44

Favorite Fan Moments 2 (Day 1000 BONUS!)

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  • Stephen and Mallory's apartment


Long story short, Stephen announces that he is making a few changes to the vlog, and invites the viewer to explain why he is making said changes. Basically, Stephen is going to be reading and responding to YouTube comments of videos, both from the vlog and the LP channel, that are a week and newer, because he and Mal cannot keep up with so many comments when he uploads 70-80 videos per month and gets 10,000 per said month. However, Stephen also announces that all of the comments they haven't caught up on will be read first, before unticking a box that says "Send me an e-mail when someone comments on my video" and making that change in regards to comments.


  • Mallory, while not on camera physically, was actually the one holding the camera as the viewer visiting Stephen's house.
  • This new change of reading YouTube comments of videos a week and newer seemed to work, until they STILL get so many comments and messages. So Stephen decided to amend that change 278 days later.


  • Stephen: "*struggles to unlock door*...Should unlock the door first."

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