A CARD PROTECTOR! (Day 433 - 1 31 11)08:14

A CARD PROTECTOR! (Day 433 - 1 31 11)

A CARD PROTECTOR! (Day 433 - 1/31/11)
Date: January 31st, 2011
Running Time: 8:14

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  • Stephen's dorm


Stephen gets a message this morning from his mother regarding yesterday's vlog. He neglected to mention that one of his favourite films was Home Alone 2. He enjoyed the film so much that he would constantly play pranks on his father. Debra actually ended up having to ban him from watching the film.

Stephen shows his video for editing class to Dan, Mal, and Alex, which goes over pretty well. He also receives a letter from Allen with some art and cards. There is some confusion as to whether "Sir Campbell Sou" and "Sir Allen Campbell" are the same person. Spoilers: they are the same person.

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