80 Skunks (Day 273 - 8 24 10)-139846811310:28

80 Skunks (Day 273 - 8 24 10)-1398468113

80 Skunks (Day 273 - 8/24/10)
Date: August 24th, 2010
Running Time: 10:27

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  • The car
  • Sushi Restaurant
  • Eye examination office
  • Walmart
  • Downtown Pet Shop
  • Downtown Toy Shop
  • Tech Lounge
  • Mallory's home


Stephen and Mallory leave Mallory's parents' at 10 in the morning in order to let Mallory new tires, an oil change, and new glasses. Stephen then introduces Chris, a designer and friend to the vlog. The two later eat Sushi in a restaurant with Chris whilst Stephen compliments Chris on all his work on 3D Earthbound towns.

Back in the car, Stephen is astounded by the brilliant prices of the restaurant whilst Mallory explains how spicy Stephen's food was. In the afternoon, Mallory takes an eye exam gets some new contact lenses and glasses.

En route back, the two stop off at a downtown pet store, a toy store and finally re-visit Chris - this time at his home and shop called the 'Tech Lounge' - a shop that allows people to play games for $5 an hour. (Almost home, the two smell a horrid smell - Stephen claims to be '80 SKUNKS')

Back home, Stephen wraps up the day by explaining that he got another funny video which he links by annotation.

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