72pins05:50 (Day 869 - 4 11 12) (Day 869 - 4/11/12)
Date: April 11th, 2012
Running Time: 5:50

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  • Red Robin
  • Target
  • Stephen's house


Stephen, Mallory, and Thomas (who is the Hulk and has a jalapeño fetish), eat at Red Robin's to start the Vlog day off. They then go to Target to find some plates because they don't have enough at home, but they can't agree on any plate sets. Stephen asks the audience to vote for where they want the sword that Dan gave him on day 858 to be placed by showing them three different options. Stephen then announces that he is designing new shirts for Minecraft and is planning to do Minecraft custom maps starting on April 17th.


  • Stephen mentions his dislike of the feeling of matte on day 888, which he shares with his mother Debra.

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