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50% Off Everything (Day 1366 - 8 21 13)09:14

50% Off Everything (Day 1366 - 8 21 13)

50% Off Everything (Day 1366 - 8/21/13)
Date: August 21st, 2013
Running Time: 9:14



  • Stephen and Mal's apartment
  • Stephen's parents' house


Stephen has spent most of his day editing the new Minecraft map, which is very time-consuming due to having multiple camera angles.  Mal brings home some melted, flattened glass bottles from school.  One of them is a champagne bottle from Mark and Rhonda's wedding, which Mal intends to give to them as a cheese plate. They pick up a half-price pizza dinner at Domino's and head over to Stephen's parents' house for a pizza party. Tomorrow, Stephen will start recording The Last of Us, a game that he has been looking forward to for a while.

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