25 Wings (Day 891 - 5 3 12)06:46

25 Wings (Day 891 - 5 3 12)

25 Wings (Day 891 - 5/3/12)
Date: May 3rd, 2012
Running Time: 6:46

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  • Charleston
  • Kickin' Chicken
  • Stephen's apartment


The Day opens with Stephen yelling at two cargo trucks. Stephen and Mallory are driving to Charleston to have dinner with Paul while he is staying in Charleston.

When Stephen and Mal arrive at the hotel the make their way to the room that Paul is staying in, Stephen also sates that you should not listen to rooftop run while driving because you will speed. When they meet Paul, he asks if they noticed that the hotel looks like a castle. Mallory replies with a yes, but Stephen states that he didn't notice and that Mallory is more observant than he is.

Stephen, Mal and Paul all share some cheese pretzels, Stephen thinks that it should be a law to have to get them every time Anyone goes to Kickin' Chicken. After the pretzels, Stephen and Paul Share 25 Wings, The flavors they had were medium buffalo, lemon pepper, pterodactyl, Honey garlic and south western. after they eat, Stephen and Mal say goodbye to Paul, and return to their house.

When Stephen gets home he says that the YouTube user "TBustah" has resumed work on the Wiki and has asked for help; Stephen encourages people to help with the Wiki. Stephen then says that he had a good day at Charleston and that he hasn't had that many chicken wings in a very, very long time.


  • This is the first time Paul is seen on the Vlog since Day 841.
  • The title "25 Wings" is referring to the 25 chicken wings that Paul and Stephen ate at Kickin' Chicken

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