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25 (Day 1585 - 3 28 14)01:46

25 (Day 1585 - 3 28 14)

25 (Day 1585 - 3/28/14)
Date: April 18th 2014
Running time: 1:46



  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


This vlog was a bizzare, but humorous video featuring a clip of Sagan walking. The clip is repeated and rewinded for most of the video and is changed to black and white, and distorted in other ways as the video progresses. The video then continues with several jump cuts to Stephen being positioned closer to the camera until it is zoomed up to his eye. The video finally ends with a black screen with only the number 25 in the bottom left corner. 

In the video description, Stephen notes:

"I released 25 videos today. This video accurately describes how I felt before bed that night"


  • The description refers to the day the video was published on (Friday, April 18, 2014), not the day of the vlog (Day 1585 - Friday, March 28, 2014)
  • Stephen does not say a single word and the usual endslate is gone.

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