23-Year-Old Washer and Dryer (Day 2148 - 10 12 15)04:36

23-Year-Old Washer and Dryer (Day 2148 - 10 12 15)

23-Year-Old Washer and Dryer (Day 2148 - 10/12/15)
Date: October 12th, 2015
Running Time: 4:36

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  • IHOP
  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Stephen had to take a nap for the first time in a long time today. He couldn't get back to sleep after waking up at 5:15 this morning. But now he's fully rested and is continuing to work the day away.

On an unrelated note, Stephen's parents' washer and dryer finally broke down after 23 years of use. This isn't great news for Stephen and Mal, since they often bring their laundry over to the Georg house to get it done.

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