21 Mopeds? 21 Mopeds07:50

21 Mopeds? 21 Mopeds. (Day 282 - 9 2 10)

Date: September 2nd, 2010
Running Time: 7:50

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  • Steve's Car
  • Clinic
  • Chili's Grill & Bar
  • Steve & Debra's House


The vlog begins with Stephen filming in the car as he talks about his attempts to install Hackintosh on his computer. Soon they arrive at the doctor's office where they perform a biopsy on Stephen (this is of course done off camera.)

The vlog cuts to Stephen exiting the facility as he talks about the experience saying that though he was numb, the sensation of flesh being cut could still be felt. Feeling sick to his stomach (as Stephen puts it), he and his parents go to Chili's Grill & Bar to eat and afterward return home.

At home Stephen is playing Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories online with Mallory. He counts the mopeds as he plays, amused with the 21 he finds (giving this vlog its name.) He also talks about how he is going to begin hosting Xbox Live Nights, something he'd done in the past with members of He decides they should be once a week, every Saturday night, saying others who may attend, and inviting viewers to participate as well.


  • The vlog's name comes from the 21 mopeds he finds while playing Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.
  • Stephen has a biopsy performed on him.


  • Stephen: "If I made anyone throw up, post it in the comments 'cause I wanna know."
  • Stephen: "21 mopeds? 21 mopeds. That's a little ridiculous."

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