2000 (Day 489 - 3 28 11)05:42

2000 (Day 489 - 3 28 11)

2000 (Day 489 - 3/28/11)
Date: March 28th, 2011
Running Time: 5:42

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  • Stephen's dorm


Stephen brings up big news, Alex punches the door frame after bad things cause him to hit his head onto a light switch, but hilarity ensues. The big news, you ask? StephenVlog has officially reached a whopping 2000 subscribers! More hilarity ensues! What could possibly go wrong on this fine vlog day!?


  • Starting at 2:38, the initial video that Stephen originally intended to exist for the vlog day is over; Alex, who is filming, does not turn off the camera and films for about an additional three minutes before doing so. In fact, he remarks as this period begins, "Isn't it great that you edit the vlog?" Stephen, while editing, saw that this occurred and kept those three minutes of footage because of the hilarious conversations that took place during those three minutes.


  • Stephen mentions that when StephenVlog reached 1000 subscribers, it was on Day 389, and today is Day 489, which is 100 days between Day 389 and Day 489. MIND. BLOWN.


  • Dan: "What's the big news, Stephen!?"
    • Stephen: "I'M PREGNANT!!!"
  • Stephen: "OH! The numbers are in! The chart goes up! I'm just saying that today, we hit 2000 subscribers, which is pretty- *chair breaks* JESUS!"
  • Alex: "The best footage, though, is the candid footage. The candid stuff - you get some good stuff, but it's buried in a mountain of crap. But the other stuff you do is just straight-up crap. And then, to save it from being crap, you throw in a user involvement thing, where you're like, 'What's your guys' favorite candy cane flavor? Do you like the regular traditional red-and-white or do you like the multicolored with the yellow and the blue and the green?'"

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