(I Now Know) How To Make A Vlog (Day 327 - 10 17 10)06:47

(I Now Know) How To Make A Vlog (Day 327 - 10 17 10)

(I Now Know) How To Make A Vlog (Day 327 - 10/17/10)
Date: October 17th, 2010
Running Time: 6:47

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  • A hotel
  • Stephen's dorm


Stephen gets a haircut at a hotel since it's free.

Later, he discusses the incorporation of the changes to the vlog he announced on Day 296. He has stopped filming everything and has begun making videos shorter. Since then, subscribers and views have increased drastically. Ironically, this vlog is fairly boring, so Stephen decides to show off some people's interpretations of "Y Juz".

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