(Day 101 BONUS!) They Might Be Giants Crowd Sourcing Experiment09:28

(Day 101 BONUS!) They Might Be Giants Crowd Sourcing Experiment

They Might Be Giants Crowd Sourcing Experiment
March 5th, 2010
Running Time: 9:27

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TMBG asks the audience to record them with their mobile phones and other devices for the next portion of the concert, and then put it online. They want to use the footage for a video experiment. Stephen, with the Flip on hand as always, obliges.

A retractable screen rolls down. On the screen is a camera feed of the drum set. Homestar Runner (in puppet form) appears on the drum set and the screen. TMBG plays a couple songs, with Homestar on lead vocals.

Notes Edit

  • When Homestar was talking about having a "broomstick for a girlfriend", he was referring his girlfriend Marzipan from the online cartoon series, who's appearance has been compared to that of a broomstick.
  • A member of TMBG tells Homestar to say hello to Strong Bad for him as Homestar is leaving at the end of the song. Strong Bad is another character in (and arguably the true star of) the Homestar Runner cartoons.

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