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"Interview Me" - StephenPlays02:27:17

"Interview Me" - StephenPlays

"Interview Me" - StephenPlays
Date: January 14th, 2012
Running Time: 2:27:16

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Erin Williams interviews Stephen and Mallory asking them the following questions:

"Stephen, how long have you been doing Let's Plays?", "Mallory, how long have you been involved with StephenPlays?", "What has been your favorite project that you've done together?", "What was the funniest moment that you have had LPing together, or separate?", "Stephen, you are currently working on a blind Let's Play of Skyrim—how is that going and what made you choose it?", "What made you decide on LPing Halo Anniversary?", "Do you have a favorite Minecraft moment?", "Many people consider Minecraft a difficult game to LP—why did you choose it?", "How do you choose which games to LP?", "What was your first game, Mallory and Stephen?", "What was your first game system?", "What is your favorite game/series?", "Who is your inspiration?", "How do you decide what goes into the Memorable Moments videos?", "What are your feelings about the death of Fred and Bill?", "What made you want to start StephenVlog?", "Is it ever weird or cool to see yourself from a while ago?", "How have your lives changed since starting the vlog?", "Mallory, what has been your favorite moment from StephenVlog?", "How do you choose what goes on the Best of StephenVlog Playlist?", "What advice do you have for someone who wants to start vlogging?", "What made you start your Ninten Speaks channel?", "What made you start your Daily Pack channel?", "Is there a favorite pack that you have done for Daily Pack?", "What does someone have to do to send in a pack for Daily Pack?", and "What made you start Stephen's Basement (xfisjmg1)?" The rest of the time is spent answering fan questions.

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