$40 PS3 (Day 418 - 1 16 11)04:42

$40 PS3 (Day 418 - 1 16 11)

$40 PS3 (Day 418 - 1/16/11)
Date: January 16th, 2011
Running Time: 4:42

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  • Stephen's dorm


Stephen discovers that Target is selling PlayStation 3 consoles for $39.99, probably accidentally. Dan buys one and hopes that they actually deliver the console. Stephen finds out that this is the result of a glitch, and believes that Target probably won't send out consoles for $40.

This isn't the first time price glitches have happened in the past, but it's certainly a major one since it involves a $500 console. Stephen recalls that he purchased Resident Evil 4 a week before its release back in the day.

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